ZR2 S10 Extended Cab Pick Up
Each pick up truck manufacturer likes to make up their own brand-specific jargon to describe the same “unique” features that all brands offer. PreRunner vs Hi-Rider, Xtra Cab vs Space Cab, Double Cab vs SuperCrew, what does it all mean?

, Pick Up Truck Cab Variation Jargon: Double Cab, Maxi Cab, Spacecab…
4 Door Ford Ranger
, Pick Up Truck Cab Variation Jargon: Double Cab, Maxi Cab, Spacecab…
Single Cab Toyota Hilux
, Pick Up Truck Cab Variation Jargon: Double Cab, Maxi Cab, Spacecab…
Extended Cab Chevrolet S10 ZR2 Pick Up

Obviously it is just marketing to make their feature sound more unique than the other brand. But since literally every brand offers these configurations, it makes for pointless confusion. Learning all these terms makes it even more overwhelming when you are comparing trucks. If you are looking for a 4 door model pick up truck, you have to first learn the unique brand-specific name for their 4 door model. And often, even this varies by region. For example, a 4 door Toyota Hilux is known as a double cab in most regions. But in some places, it is referred to as a dual cab. And if it was a 4 door Chevrolet S10 pick up or Colorado, it is known as a Crew Cab. Since the single cabs as usually the cheapest, it seems that manufacturers don’t bother marketing a cuter name other than just Regular or Single Cab. These extended cabs have the most creative names varying wildly from brand to brand, from Space Cab to Freestyle cab!

So lets list the specific jargon that each pick up truck manufacturer uses for these cab variations:

Brand Single Cab Extended Cab (without or without small rear-entry doors) 4 Door
Toyota Hilux Single Cab Xtra Cab or Extra Cab Double Cab or Dual Cab
Ford Ranger Single or Regular Cab SuperCab SuperCrew or Double Cab

Mazda BT50 and B-Series

Single Cab Freestyle, Cab Plus or Maxi Cab Dual
Isuzu DMax Single Cab Spacecab or S-Cab Cab4
Chevrolet/Holden Colorado and S10 Regular or Single Cab Extended Cab Crew Cab
Nissan Navara/Frontier and NP300 Regular or Single Cab King Cab Crew Cab, Double Cab or Dual Cab

Here at Jungle Fender Flares, we try to speak brand-neutral and refer to the models our fender flares fit in plain old english, Single, Extended or 4 Door. And as far as fender flares fitting, usually our 2 door fender flares fit both the Single and Extended cabs. So our listings are usually as simple as 2 door or 4 door, no further industry cab variant jargon required. 

If we missed anything or if you have any other input, please let us know in the comments below. 

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