, Will 89-95 Toyota Pick Up Fender Flares fit the 90-95 Toyota 4Runner?
1989 – 1995 Toyota Pick Up Fender Flares

Many people have been asking me recently if the 89-95 Toyota Pick Up fender flares will fit their 90-95 4Runners or Hilux Surfs. This is a two-part answer.

First of all, the front fender flares would fit perfectly as the Pick Up and 4Runner did share the very same front fenders in this generation.

, Will 89-95 Toyota Pick Up Fender Flares fit the 90-95 Toyota 4Runner?
1990 – 1995 Toyota 4Runner Hilux Surf Fender Flares

However; the rear fender flares are a different story. The 4Runner requires either 2 piece rear flares on each side due to the rear doors being very close to wheel wells, or narrow fender flares designed specifically for the 4Runner can be used. In regards to the 2 piece option, one piece of each rear flare must mount to the door so it can open with the door. The other piece would mount only to the most rear part of the wheel well. As stated before, other 4Runner fender flares are designed more narrow than the Pick Up fender flares so these 1 piece rear flares will actually fit on the body panel without interfering with the doors.

There is also another complication of using Pick Up fender flares on the 90-95 4Runner or Hilux Surf. The gas filler door on the 4Runner is in a different location than the Pick Up. The pick Up fender flares have a notch cut out to go around the gas filler door but this notch is not required on the 4Runner as the gas door is not located there.

For those outside of the US and Canada, the Toyota Pick Up uses the same body panels as a Toyota Hilux (mk3) made from 1989-1997 in most countries so this information also applies to wheel arch extensions on that ute.

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  1. Hi there,

    I emailed quite a while ago about a set of flares for a 1990 two door 4runner.

    You advised me to get a set of the 4runner ones and modify them to fit.

    I’m curious if the pickup ones might be a bit better, since I don’t have rear doors.

    If they do fit, perhaps you can modify the design to not have the cutout for the fuel door and maybe have another product to sell to us rare two door owners, unless another two door owner has already tried.

    I remember the pictures you sent me of the black one with the four door flares on the rear.


    Ryan Duncan

    • Hi Ryan,
      Not a bad idea but unfortunately that fuel door being in a different location is a deal breaker. Other than that, it would probably be quite easy to make the Toyota Pick Up fender flares fit the 2 door 4Runner. With these 2 door models being so rare, I don’t think we could sell enough to justify setting up tooling for this model. That being said, I do happen to have one set of these pick up fender flares made from fiberglass. They would be ideal for modifying by filling in the gas door notch. Then you might have to make a small notch to accommodate your gas door. Send me an email or use the contact form to let me know if this sounds interesting to you.

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