IG user and California fires Hero and medic @the_pandra mr. Allyn Pierce  shuttled patients and co-workers TWICE from the crazy in paradise CA. What an amazing story! YES those are burn marks on the truck. Just his picture right here. This guy   is a true



, TOYOTA and California wildfires

After this he wrote on his Instagram profile with the image of burned Toyota image


Here’s my @toyotausacommercial. This truck literally saved my life today. My little town of Paradise was literally burning down around me and @the_pandra got me to safety where I could help others…twice. #campfire#perfectmarshmellow #meltedplastics#buttecountyfire #sema2019 thanks to the fire fighters, law enforcement and my fellow healthcare workers for the work we all did getting the hospital evacuated and our patients to safety. ???


  Toyota responded swiftly offering the hero medic to think about helping people in need and that they will replace his burned car .

How amazing is that in this hard times !


Not long after this we found out that Pierce family lost their house in the fire and his job in hospital is in question because hospital burned to the ground…

, TOYOTA and California wildfires

A good man setup a gofund me page to help the Pierce family and this is him approving of it:


I struggled posting this, but with my house gone and my hospital… I don’t know where my job sits. I’m gonna swallow my pride and post this GoFundMe that a kind person in Chico set up for us. This is the only legit GoFundMe that is set up for us. Seperately, there is a Plum Fund that has been set up by friends, “Pierce Family Fire Fund” . This is only for those that want to donate. We will be fine, it will all work out, because if has to. 

They collected 21,000$ at this moment so if you want to help out please do at this link


we can join hundreds of thousands on social media and say THANK YOU TOYOTA USA !!!

, TOYOTA and California wildfires


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