Welcome to fresh and new blog of the Jungle Fender Flares online store.

, Hello Customers and visitors!

Here is the deal : We were ready to make a change and rebuild our online shop to keep it secure and up to date. With today’s world, the web shop needs to be responsive so it is easy to visit and read on mobiles devices such as tablets and smart phones. But aside from doing all that techy mumbo jumbo, we felt that we still needed to retain that muddy off road truck 4×4 look and feel that we have always had for so many years. Without mud, none of us would feel at home.

So the results are in front of you. We hope you like it, enjoy !

Whats changed:

  • We have updated the online shopping cart to the newest version to ensure that it maintains the best security possible
  • All the scripting and programming has been updated
  • The entire UX usability experience has been improved so it looks great on big screens but is now more convenient for people that are browsing on small devices as well
  • Checkout has also been streamlined so you can complete an order in literally 2 clicks on one page – feel free to try it !

Please do have a look around at the new format and let us know what you think. We would love to get your feedback about our new online store whether it is a comment, complaint, or suggestion, so please let us know in the comments below.

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