Pocket Style Fender Flares on a Double Cab Hilux mk6

Ever since we started making these Pocket Style Fender Flares for the 2005-2011 Toyota Hilux, we have had a lot of people asking if they will fit on the Double Cab (4 door model) also known as the Dual Cab. These fender flares were actually made to fit the single cab or extra cab 2 door model. Since these make your rig look so awesome and give massive coverage, many people were willing to try them out on their 4 door utes! We have received photos back of many Double Cabs proudly displaying these pocket style fender flares but none of these photos showed the area that we were concerned about. We knew that the potential downfall might be that they could partially bridge the gap between the cab and the tray/box of the truck. Finally, we have just received some photos of this area that we were worried about. As you can see, the fit is not too bad! They do go past the edge of the tray, but only slightly.

Thanks so much to Taidgh from Australia for sending us these photos of his wicked 2007 Toyota Hilux SR! And if anyone is interested in getting a closer look from other angles, he has said that he will try getting some more photos when he gets the chance. You can also expect to see more of this Hilux in our photo gallery soon!

These can be purchased as a complete set of 4 or 6 pocket style Hilux fender flares from our online store here, and we also offer the front set for your trayback utes here. Keep in mind that our Smooth Style Hilux Fender Flares are also the same size and shape as these so they will fit the 4 door dual cab model just the same.

Lastly, if anyone else has experience with installing these on their Double Cabs or just has questions, please feel free to leave comments below. If you have photos, please send them via our Contact Us page.

, Pocket Style Fender Flares on a Double Cab Hilux mk6

, Pocket Style Fender Flares on a Double Cab Hilux mk6
Rear right wheel arch extension -2007 Hilux Dual Cab

, Pocket Style Fender Flares on a Double Cab Hilux mk6




  1. I have a 2006 double cab hilux with factory flares, toyota have said they dont do any bigger. My tyres still sit an inch and a half out of these, will your flares cover the tyres?

    • Hello Dan,

      Our fender flares for the 2005 – 2011 Hilux are certainly bigger than the factory Toyota flares. Our flares stick out about 3 inches from the steel fender. I don’t happen to have the measurements of the factory flares to tell you the difference though. I would guess that the factory flares stick out no more than 1.5 inches which would mean ours are at least 1.5 inches wider.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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