90-95 4Runner Fender Flares installed on a Hilux Surf

90-95 Toyota 4Runner Fender Flares -In Stock (also Hilux Surf)

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Jungle Fender Flares now stocks JDM style heavy duty fiberglass fender flares for your 2nd gen 4Runner and Hilux Hurf. These fit the 90, 91, 92, 93, 94 and 95 Toyotas respectively. This style of flares were only available from Toyota on very few 4Runners known as “Medalists”. More commonly they are found on the wide body “Hilux Surf” which is another name for the 4Runner outside of North America. Make your Toyota 4Runner look unique like a special import “Widebody Hilux Surf” with these awesome fender flares.

You can purchase these 2nd gen 4Runner flares directly from our online store here. Of course you can also install this set on 2nd gen Hilux Surf trucks. These are fibreglass and look just like the JDM originals so they are much stronger and heavy duty than any ABS plastic moldings available. If you do manage to damage them off road or in an accident, you can repair these fibreglass flares which wouldn’t be so simple if they were plastic.

Whats Included:

As you can see in the photos of the Toyota 4Runners below, this is a 6 piece set. These wheel arch extensions include the small flarettes that mount to the front bumper. Our set includes all 6 fender flares with rubber edge trim. However, they do not include mudflaps or any installation hardware or brackets. These 2nd gen 4Runner or Hilux Surf wheel arch extensions come with a black finish. They may need repainting as the finish can get warn during shipping.

Have one of the rare 2 door 4Runners?

Please keep in mind that the rear flares would need some modification to fit the 2 door model. The rear quarter panels on the 2 door are different than the 4 door. Again, being fibreglass, these are ideal for modifying.

Please contact us for more information about this product. You can also visit the product page to make a purchase or get further information.

Please find photos of these fender flares installed on our customer’s truck in our Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Hilux Surf Photo Gallery. These wheel arch extensions fit 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995 Toyota 4Runners and Hilux Surfs.

, 90-95 Toyota 4Runner Fender Flares -In Stock (also Hilux Surf)
90-95 4Runner Fender Flares installed on a Hilux Surf
, 90-95 Toyota 4Runner Fender Flares -In Stock (also Hilux Surf)
Hilux Surf Fender Flares

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