97-03 F150 Fender Flares on Stepside or Flareside Models

We have recently received some great feedback from customers who installed our 97-03 Ford F150 fender flares on their stepside aka flareside F150 4x4s. As we promised, there is very minimal trimming required to fit these on a stepside F150. There is just a little bulge at the step so the rear flares just need a small notch trimmed off to encorporate this step. The edge of these ABS Ford wheel flares can easily be trimmed with a utility knife such as an Olfa or Xacto. Once you hold the rears in place, it is easy to understand where you need to trim. We look forward to seeing more awesome looking Flareside Ford F150s with Jungle Fender Flares installed! Click the following link to see more information about our Ford F150 Fender Flares. Thanks to Justin for the awesome photos!

, 97-03 F150 Fender Flares on Stepside or Flareside Models
Flareside aka Stepside F150 Fender Flares


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