Secure Payment

Jungle Fender Flares Payment Security Statement

Inherent to our operations and business approach is the need to provide a secure, robust and reliable payment processing service. Information security is our top priority and one of our company values. To this end we have invested in extensive security controls and infrastructure and we’re constantly updating and improving our online payment systems to ensure that your money always gets where it needs to go, safely and securely.

Jungle Fender Flares Payments are a highly trusted online shoop who employs a team of full time information security staff who are seen as experts in their industry.

Jungle Fender Flares Payments are certified and approved by several leading financial institutions. A full list of all financial institutions that Jungle Fender Flares Payments work with can be viewed here. Our systems and security controls are based on current industry standards and our staff continually research changes in the industry to ensure our controls are updated when required. There are several layers of technology in place to ensure the confidentiality, authentication and integrity of information.

Jungle Fender Flares Payments have been accredited with the Account Information Security (AIS) certification by VISA and are one of a small amount of companies in Europe to achieve this. This shows our commitment to above industry standard in every aspect of payment processing.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI DSS”) was established in 2004 as an industry-wide set of requirements and processes to help ensure that cardholders can make purchases confident in the knowledge that their credit card information will be protected from fraudsters.

Jungle Fender Flares Payments are compliant with PCI DSS Version 3.1, the highest level of PCI compliance, and Jungle Fender Flares Payments were one of the first service providers in Europe to achieve this certification in November 2015. Jungle Fender Flares Payments appeared on the VISA website as a case study on implementing the PCI DSS. To view our latest PCI-DSS certificate, please click here.

Information is sent to us from businesses via the internet and we connect to financial institutions with whom we are fully certified and approved.


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