Maybach Fender Flares

Anyone looking for crude and massive fender flares for their Maybach 62 S model? If so, you can probably get this custom set, as well as the rest of the heap pretty cheap at auction. For the music video “Otis”, Kanye West and Jay-Z hacked up this Maybach and also added these unfinished sheet metal fender flares.

, Maybach Fender Flares

, Maybach Fender Flares

Other mods these two rappers made to this nearly $400,000 Daimler luxury car included chopping the roof, and relocated the doors to create some strange inline spoilers on the hood…in the rear. I am not sure if it was an upgrade or a side-effect, but this car managed to blow flames out the back when they were finished with it! Could have had something to do with them swapping the hood and trunk link. Since the grill was attached to the hood in the rear, the trunk lid may not have provided the air flow needed to tame the heat of this beast. The video proves that these modifications successfully turned this cruiser into a competent drifting machine.

They did also make some structural reinforcements including steel bars in place of front doors to support the unibody frame while it no longer had doors or a roof to stop it from caving in. More effectively, the steel side skirts more resemble sliders that we are all familiar with on serious built 4×4 offroad trucks.

If you have a serious interest in this custom car, keep an ear out for when they are going to auction it off for charity to support Africa. And to see if these fender flares are for you, and to get more details about this custom Maybach, watch the video:

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