Know When to Call An Expert Auto Mechanic

It is indeed difficult sometimes to find a good mechanic for our cars. Cars play an essential role for millions of people who are dependent on reaching their workplaces. Others need to drive cars daily for a huge variety of personal reasons. Just as you need to visit a doctor when health issues arise, cars also need the services of expert auto mechanics when they have problems. So you need to know which ones to go to. You want to use a mechanic that is professionally trained, licensed, and well prepared with the right equipment and know-how to handle any issues your car may have.

However, thinking from a different perspective, you do not go to your doctor every day for health tips and routine checks. Instead, you only visit your doctor when needed and you follow tips from the doctor to stay healthy. Similarly, between your car service visits from an expert auto mechanic, be sure to follow these maintenance tips to keep up the performance of your car:

, Know When to Call An Expert Auto Mechanic

 Routinely check the engine oil level

 View the electrolyte level of the battery

 Check your car tires for adequate pressure

 Keep an eye on the brake fluid reservoir assuring that it stays between low and high

 Inspect the level of engine coolant/antifreeze. Caution: Never open the radiator cap while the engine is hot, and avoid touching the engine itself when hot. 

However, it is also important to recognize a few major yet common issues that indicate that your car needs repair or immediate care from an expert auto mechanic.

Blown Head Gasket

Modern automobile engines are distinctively segregated into two main components. To put it simply, one is the cylinder block containing the crank connected to the pistons and the other is the cylinder head with valves and spark plugs. The head gasket is sandwiched in between to help contain the compression exerted in the cylinder and essentially make a seal so that the engine oil and coolant passing through do not mix together. Needless to say, it is very dangerous if your head gasket blows a leak. Low coolant levels, high engine temperature, and low engine power are all common signs of a damaged or blown head gasket. If your engine oil is grey or milky looking, this indicates that water/engine coolant has leaked into it, surely via a blown head gasket. Therefore, upon noticing any of these signs, call for an expert auto mechanic right away. Some cars are known for this specific issue such as the Chrysler Neon and the 3.0L motor in the 1989-1995 Toyota Pick Up and the 1990-1995 Toyota 4Runner.

, Know When to Call An Expert Auto Mechanic


Everyone knows the steady and consistent sound of their car when it is running normally. However, if you hear a random knocking noise or rumbling sound coming from below the hood, you must react quickly. Shut down the engine as soon as you can safely do so. These noises often come from worn bearings due to running without adequate engine oil. Running the engine longer can cause further damage. Replacing the crank bearings involves tearing down the engine and critical technical knowledge that you will need to call an expert mechanic for.

Fluid Leaks

Leakages are yet another sign that you need expert auto mechanic services. Engine oil, coolant, or any other fluid leaking from your car could lead to very serious issues if not dealt with promptly. The problem could be something as simple and a damaged coolant tank, or something as serious as a cracked engine block. If you ever notice fluid dripping from your car, do not waste time before stopping by an auto mechanic.

, Know When to Call An Expert Auto Mechanic

Excessive Smoke

If you ever see a car on the road leaving behind a trail of smoke, then you can be sure that the car is overdue for a service and definitely has a problem. Exhaust emissions is one of the most common car inspections managed in service centers across the United States. In order to pay your annual road tax, most places require an emissions certificate. This certificate indicates that your car’s exhaust levels do not have excessive pollutants. Too much smoke or even the color or smell of the exhaust helps expert auto mechanics detect what is wrong with your car. While blue smoke mostly indicates burning oil, black smoke typically means that the engine is running rich with too much fuel. White smoke can be due to your car’s coolant leaking into the combustion chamber and burning. A sulfur-like smell can indicate a problem with the catalytic converter.

Concluding Thoughts

Since you obviously want your car to perform well and be reliable, get it routinely serviced by an expert auto mechanic. Recognize the issues listed above and have them remedied without delay. It is ideal to have at least a few contacts for dependable mechanics, and if possible, even a contact for emergency roadside mechanical service. But please do your due diligence to hire the best and most qualified mechanic for your car service, repair, and maintenance needs.

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