Lifted Toyota T100 with modified Pick Up Flares Installed

Fender Flares for a Toyota T100. Isn’t this a “Toyota Pick Up”?

Before getting into the T100 fender flares, I would like to clarify a little confusion created by Toyota’s lack of imagination while naming a certain truck. From 1989 till 1995, Toyota produced a machine known as the “Toyota Pick Up Truck”. Hmm… clever. It did not have a name any more specific than that. This can be confusing for people that own a “Toyota T100” of the same year. They easily might assume that these fender flares will fit their T100 since it is a Pick Up truck made by Toyota in this same range of years. This however is not the case, but do read on as we offer a solution. The Toyota model known as the “T100” is a different model than the “Pick Up”. Fender flares made for one will not be direct fit for the other.

Toyota T100 Fender Flare Solution:

However; several customers have bought our fender flares for the 89-95 Toyota Pick Up and trimmed them  to fit the T100. It is fairly easy to trim the edges of these ABS flares using a utility knife such as an Olfa or Xacto. These installers used two rear left flares instead of a left and right because the Pick Up flares have a notch for the gas door on the right side which is not required for the T100. The gas door on the Toyota T100 is not close enough to the wheel well to require a notch like this. You can see more photos of them installed on Toyota Pick Ups and a white T100 in our gallery here; T100 Fender Flares. Feel free to leave comments if you have any other input or questions on this topic.

Click the following for more information about the 89-95 Toyota Pick Up fender flares. If you would like to get a special set of these Pick Up flares including 2 rear lefts to use on your Toyota T100, please contact us for an invoice. We have to charge $25 extra since we have to break up another set for the extra rear left flare.


, Fender Flares for a Toyota T100. Isn’t this a “Toyota Pick Up”?
Lifted Toyota T100 with modified Pick Up Fender Flares Installed
, Fender Flares for a Toyota T100. Isn’t this a “Toyota Pick Up”?
Toyota Pick Up Fender Flares modified for the Toyota T100
, Fender Flares for a Toyota T100. Isn’t this a “Toyota Pick Up”?
Toyota T100 Fender Flares



    • I just emailed you back Adan,

      And to clarify, these fender flares are made for a different model and they do need to be modified to fit the T100. Most people have been very happy with the results and reported that trimming the edges of the flares was all that was required. There was no additional material to be added or anything like that. Some other people have found the install to be too difficult so I want to make sure that this is clear as we do not take returns on special orders like these. Are you handy with doing this type of work?

      Thank you for your interest in Jungle Fender Flares. I look forward to hearing back from you.

      • Yes, I understand that these are made for a different model truck and understand that they need to be trimmed to fit.

  1. I have a 1996 t100 extended cab… I need fender flares for it. Send me a phone number to call…or link for my need.

  2. How closely do these Toyota “pickup” fender flares’ mounting holes line up with the T100’s mounting holes? Would I need to do more drilling on the flares or fenders to make them fit correctly?

    • Since the Pick Up is a totally unique model to the T100, it would be very unlikely that the mounting holes are in the same place. These fender flares are ABS though so drilling new holes certainly wouldn’t be the most difficult part of the job.

    • As you will see on the Pick Up Fender Flares product page, these flares stick out about 1.8 inches. You could lose a little bit of that with trimming but if you are careful, I don’t think the loss will be significant.

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